Social Media has Proven to Increase Business Opportunities

Stay Social and Build Business with Expertise from Appfy


Content Curation

We curate and post engaging digital content that educates and drives user engagement on multiple social media platforms.


Social Networking

Let Appfy network for your business online with social engagement on building relationships with your target market audience.


Community Engagement

What your customers say about your business matters. Appfy can help manage online communications with your followers and customers.

A Strong Business has a Strong Social Media Presence

72% of all internet users are active on Social Media. These are online platforms where people can connect at a deeper level with your business. There, they discover, learn, and engage with your business. Having a strong social media presence is a direct correlation of the strength and influence of your business. More importantly, social media is increasingly more important in being discovered by search engines.


Appfy strategizes and manages the social media presence of dozens of businesses and we continuously curate engaging content with your target customers in line with your overall marketing strategy.

Top Benefits of Social Media:

– defines your brand

– customers can share and recommend your business

– allows you to engage with customers

– improves search engine rankings

– start or join online conversations

– attracts new business opportunities

– run direct marketing campaigns

There Are More Ways to Increase Your Social Media Presence than Ever Before…



With over 1.2 billion users on Facebook and growing daily, likely your target market is on Facebook. We’ve helped multiple businesses grow their Facebook followers through engaging digital content, promotions, and customer communications.

Social Media Marketing Strategy


By engaging publicly and in real-time in Twitter’s realm of 140 characters or less, extend brand awareness with effective and consistent content generation. Twitter’s image and video card updates makes reaching your target audience easier than ever.



The public image-based social sharing site that allows for many companies to offer aesthetically pleasing products and services. As a branding and design company, we favour Pinterest and can leverage this social media channel to work for your brand.



The ultimate B2B business social channel where content and group business discussions are highly active. Appfy’s expertise in B2B marketing recommends LinkedIn and can show you how to use it to generate new business opportunities.

It all begins with a Social Media strategy

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