95 Mural St., 6th Floor
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3G2 Canada

+1 (905) 747-3310

Saniya Investment Corporation -
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Saniya Investment Corporation


About This Project

Saniya Investment Corporation Print and Digital Branding Materials

Saniya Investment Corporation is a property management firm located in Cambridge, Ontario. Logo design and brand strategy were fundamental to the success of this project. Multiple key marketing materials in print, clothing, and accessories were fulfilled following established brand guidelines. Saniya Investment Corporation was easy to work with and had a very clear understanding of how they wanted their brand to be represented through every component of their marketing. Carving our a brand presence that accurately reflected their company and the people that run it was an in-depth process that rendered remarkable results. It was a pleasure working with them to bring this vision to life and make their marketing materials truly stand out from their competition.

Appfy Can Help You Develop Powerful Print and Digital Marketing Materials

Appfy offers comprehensive branding and marketing services for both print and digital marketing materials. If you need help developing your digital or print marketing materials or simply need a professional agency to guide you through the process – Appfy is one of the most respected agencies in the Toronto area. Give us a call +1 (905) 747-3310 or email us ( to get started.

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