95 Mural St., 6th Floor
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3G2 Canada

+1 (905) 747-3310

Duranet Enterprises -
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Duranet Enterprises

About This Project

Duranet Enterprises Quality Content

Duranet is a leadership coaching organization originating in the Middle East before expanding into the US and Canada. With a marketing strategy focused on quality content for magazine distribution, Appfy designed and branded the company’s logo and traditional advertising pieces. Duranet Enterprises made for a very interesting client to work with because of their unique market and the specificity of their target audience. Developing traditional advertising pieces for them meant we had to have a very intimate understanding of their brand to clearly communicate to their customer base what they offered and what customers could get from Duranet through working with them. We successfully crafted an advertising strategy with advertising materials that drove conversions and furthered their brand recognition.

Appfy for Advertising Materials

If you need help developing advertising materials that will further your brand recognition with customers and convert quality leads, Appfy can help you. We have helped dozens of customers develop advertising strategies tailored to their specific goals. We have a specific process for getting to know each one of our clients, their goals and how best to target their audiences. We understand that when it comes to advertising it’s important to get it right the first time to avoid wasting resources. Call or email Appfy today to get started: +1 (905) 747-3310 HELLO@APPFY.COM.

Art Direction, Branding