Appfy has helped hundreds of businesses setup their online stores.

Generate sales online with E-Commerce solutions from Appfy

Only the latest technology integrations and secure transactions


No geographical limitations

Your business can sell globally in all currencies with an E-Commerce solution integrated to your accounting and shipping platforms.


Increase sales

An increasing number of users are purchasing products online and revenue is a proven to increase up to 250% online.


Instant transactions

Run transactions online in minutes with an integrated and paperless E-Commerce solution setup with your banking provider.

Run Business or Commercial Transactions Online

E-Commerce is a business or commercial transaction that occurs electronically over the Internet. Appfy builds your online store from the ground up using only the latest scalable online technology. After initially designing your website, it is time to develop the online catalogue of products your business sells. The final step in the process is to integrate the secure transactions to roll through accounting and banking platforms.

A successful E-Commerce platform:

  • drives people to your website
  • accepts product orders
  • receives money online
  • runs secure transactions
  • automates shipping of product
  • efficiently processes returns
  • datestamps transactions for warranties
  • has a method of customer service
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Your E-Commerce Solution Provider, Appfy.

Appfy’s team of designers and developers can build your E-Commerce solution from the ground up. With our expertise in driving search and social traffic, we can drive new buying customers to your business and increase your sales potential.


How We Can Help:

  • build an integrated online store from the ground up
  • drive search traffic
  • build social media campaigns on deals and promotions
  • develop a clear online product catalogue
  • apply online shopping carts and secure transactions
  • build a responsive solution for mobile transactions

Start selling with E-Commerce Solutions by Appfy

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